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i smoke crack with Satan.
i love Pluto.


Final collages for the year, before I launch into new territories and my graduate work. Thanks everyone for supporting the shop as well! 


-Nicholas Ballesteros



Belladonna of Sadness (1973)


Roses (detail), Vincent van Gogh.

Roses (detail), Vincent van Gogh.

If this isn’t an entrance to a fairy world then I don’t know what is…

Fairy Glen, Isle of Skye, Scotland, April 2014

Nothing pleases me more than when somebody who was awe-inspired to be working with me realizes I’m just another schmuck that they’re hanging out with on set. I love that moment. I like it when that persistent illusion is smashed.


Amelie has no boyfriend. She’s tried once or twice, but the results were a let down. Instead, she cultivates a taste for small pleasures: dipping her hand into sacks of grain, cracking creme brulee with a teaspoon, and skipping stones at St. Martin’s canal.

—Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Le Fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain

I want to get married, though I want children - to me that’s the ultimate thing. When you’re old and on your death bed, looking back at your life it’s not going to be the films you’ve made or what you’ve accomplished, it’s the relationships you have. You’re survived by things that matter - the people you love and those who love you back.

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